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Variety of formulas for different results, covering a wide range of applications for different uses with solubility at different temperatures. (Stretch or rigid film, dosage bags, laundry bags, surface protection, etc.)

Biodegradable pieces that melt with the environment without leaving a trace: cartridge wads, pyrotechnic housings, cinerary urns, cosmetic containers, etc.)

We have water-soluble filament that can be used as a base material for biodegradable parts and as a support for complex parts.

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At Green-cycles we manufacture materials respecting the cycle of life. Our products biodegrade, that is, they descompose in CO2, water, mineral salts and biomass that make them up, due to the action of biological agents, such as plants, animals, microorganisms and fungi, under natural environmental conditions.



The material dissolves in water at different temperatures and completely disintegrated without leaving a residue.



The material is harmless for human beings and for the rest of the environment [UNE-EN-ISO 7346 and UNE-EN-ISO 634 certification].



Green-cycles BT films are OK COMPOST certified by TUV AUSTRIA. This means than this material accomplishes with UNE EN ISO 13432 requirements of non-toxicity, biodegradability and disintegration, resulting in a compost of high quality, which provides an enrichment of the environment if this was its end of life. A Compostable Product is ALWAYS Biodegradable



Its extraordinary barrier properties to oxygen and other gases necessary to improve the efficiency and sustainability of multilayer biodegradable packaging.



As producers we have available formulations and varieties with different mechanical properties, thickness, temperature, dissolution time and even printing with biodegradable inks

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