Injection products

Biodegradable pieces

Green Cycles offers a range of single-use solutions that take care of the environment. From the Green-Cycles family of pellets for injection, pieces for various applications are obtained, where functionality and specificity come together to give optimal results, blending with the environment without leaving a trace.

Social contribution

Our range of products consists of different types of formulations depending on the temperature of the water at which it is soluble, so it can be classified into:
AT - soluble from> 50º C
MT - soluble> 20º C
BT - soluble> 5º C

With certificates

With certificates of biodegradability and non-toxicity.

Injection product range

Cardtridge wads for Sport shooting

Water-soluble and biodegradable parts that avoid the generation of waste in the practice of sports shooting, providing a solution to the environment

Cinerary urns

The cinerary urn and the ashes are integrated into the natural cycles of the environment, both land and water.

Pyrotechnic housings

After the pyrotechnic show do not pollute since they biodegrade.

bola golf hidrosoluble

Golf ball

Perfect for combining the practice of sport with care for the environment

Cosmetic Jar

The water-soluble and biodegradable cosmetic bottle has been specially formulated to be functional and an environmentally friendly product.

Water soluble

Material soluble in water at different temperatures. .

A Smart and friendly use

The piece used is biodegradable, being those of a single use a respectful option with the environment since they are reabsorbed by it without leaving trace or toxicity.


Reduction of pollution and garbage generated by our activities, as the packaging dissolves and later it biodegrades.

Social contribution

Green Cycles solutions make your products and activities a little more sustainable.

What are its applications?

They blend into the environment without a trace

Would you like to implement this green solution in your company?