3D Filament

An environmentally friendly solution

The 3D printing filament, using FDM Green Cycles technology, provides a practical, comfortable, clean and totally environmentally friendly solution.

Useful such as for printing solid parts as a support

In addition to its use as a material for obtaining solid parts, the Green Cycles material, soluble in cold water, allows its application as a support material, so that, after obtaining the target part, simply by introducing it into cold water the support is removed, in a simple way, obtaining also a totally safe water.

Betting on functionality and versatility

Betting on functionality and versatility Green Cycles 3D printing filament is compatible with materials such as PLA, ABS and PET. It is available in diameters 1.75 and 2.85 mm in blue. For other dimensions and presentations consult
Customer closeness
With more than two years of experience developing filament for 3D printing, our technical department allows you to offer advice to your customers regarding printing parameters and their optimization, as well as recommendations for use

water soluble

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