GreenCycles® technology

How does it works?

Nature gives us indications so that human innovation adapts better to the environment. Let’s listen and move forward accordingly, taking care of our environment.


A significant amount of the products that are manufactured and consumed, having fulfilled their function, become waste, and sometimes end their life cycle contaminating the environment. At GreenCycles® we have a solution for part of this problem.

The special formulation of our material gives rise to its characteristics and behaviour. After its use, the combined action of environmental humidity and rain produce the dissolution of the product, while oxygen and microorganism yield to its biodegradation. This way, Green Cycles products leave no residues in the natural media, they get finally integrated into the environment, leaving no residue.

Dissolves in water in a few minutes
Biodegrades in less than two months (according to UNE EN IS 13432, for BT family)
Becomes compost before six months (according to UNE EN IS 13432, for BT family, OK COMPOST certified)

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