Water soluble film and bags

Water soluble

GreenCycles® materials have the exceptional characteristic that they dissolve completely

             in water (temperature between 5 and 70 ºC).

                           Our activity focuses on the development and formulation of pellets for their process through different transformation methods (extrusion, injection, melt-spinning …). By means of the extrusion-blowing technique, bags and the film are manufactured.

Ranges as a function of temperature

Our range of products consists of different types of formulations depending on the temperature of the water at which it is soluble, so it can be classified into:
AT - soluble from> 50º C
MT - soluble> 20º C
BT - soluble> 5º C
With certificates of non-toxicity.

With certificates

With certificates of biodegradability and non-toxicity.

Biodegradable and water-soluble products

bolsa de lavanderia disuelve en agua

Laundry bags

The water-soluble laundry bags are a solution for the handling of used clothes, which reduces the risk of contamination and infections of the laundry personnel, hospitals, residences, and hotels, etc.

Water soluble film

Supplied in rolls or bags, is ideal for multiple applications, among which we can highlight the packaging of products (both liquid and powder) and the use as a temporary support in embroidery processes.

Dosing bags

For packaging of products related to agriculture, fishing, textile and / or chemical industry

water soluble
Better dosing

Correct dosing of the products for each use, helping to obtain better results and saving time in calculations.

Risk free

Risk reduction, as there is NO direct contact with the product.


Green-Cycles products generate zero waste as they are easily integrated into the environment (dissolves with the action of environmental moisture). Their biodegradable nature also makes a positive contribution to our forests, rivers and seas.

Storage space

With the Green Cycles range of films for packaging our customers get concentrated doses of products, allowing the consumer to save on storage space

What are its applications?

Our films and bags can be used to:

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